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Why work with Karen?

With over 20 years of hands-on experience and over 350 completed home projects, Karen understands that your space has to do more than just look great. It also has to be functional and practical for your daily life. 

Karen's design philosophy is to combine your personal style with her expertise so your space comes out exactly how you want it: cohesive and beautiful, but with your own personal flair.

And if you're not sure exactly how you want your space to unfold, Karen will help you develop a plan that suits you and your space perfectly.

Having personally trained over 200 designers under  her national brand, Decor&You, Karen's ultimate goal is the same as the company's core principle: To help you LOVE the space you're in!

Karen can help with...

  • New tiling and surfaces

  • Window treatments

  • Wall treatments

  • Art and color scheme

  • Optimizing floor plan and layout

  • Style updates

  • Selecting and installing appliances

  • Adding that extra "something" so it feels just right!

Words from a client:

"I have to say it again and again. I so love coming home now. And I haven't said that in several years!"   â€”Judy Martin

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