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D&Y Series: Make Room for Joy by Downsizing, A Step-by-Step Guide.   Part 2: Tackling What’s Missing


We’ve helped many clients though the downsizing process and some of us have gone through it ourselves, so we know how daunting it can be.  That’s why we created the Make Room for Joy by Downsizing series, to provide you with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.  

As a quick review, in Part 1 we discussed completing the first steps:

·      Focus:  Using our downsizing worksheet 1, consider your motivations and define your vision for the end result.

·      Plan: Review your options regarding location and types of housing available.

·      Evaluate: Plan out your room arrangements and using our downsizing worksheet 2, determine what you already have and want to bring and what needs replacing or is missing.

Welcome to Part 2: Tackling What’s Missing. 

At Decor&You, we refer to the process of addressing the needs for your new home as “Your Possibilities Creation”. This is your opportunity to create a space you will love!

You may have some ideas about how to “create” your ideal environment or you may not.  The important part here is to think outside the box.  Come up with your own ideas, but do some research for inspiration and ideas. This can come in the form of reviewing magazines or utilizing online resources such as Houzz, Pinterest, or Instagram. Additionally, ask for ideas from others. You may have a friend or family member who has a good “eye.” And of course, don’t overlook the opportunity of working with a professional who is trained to see space through your eyes and make suggestions that you may not even think about.

Our worksheet, Your Styleprint Specifics, will help you consider all the important elements of creating a well-rounded decor plan. These elements include:

·      Aesthetic & Functional Preferences

·      Lighting

·      Color Theme

·      Room Arrangement

·      Furniture

·      Walls

·      Flooring

·      Ceiling

·      Window Treatments

·      Artwork

·      Accessories

·      Storage

We suggest that you come up with three different plans for your space and select the one that appeals most to you.  Why three? Three is a powerful number and it is always good to have one option that you can say “no” to.  That will give you more confidence in your final choice. Before making your final decision, present your three options to someone.  The act of doing this enables you to take another look at your motivations behind each plan and may result in you having some “ah-ha” moments. Sometimes something you originally thought “oh no, that’s not for me” will grow on you.

One you’ve made your final selection, identify what you already have that will work within that plan and create a shopping list for the items that you will need to get. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself - you’ve completed Part 2 of the Make Room for Joy with Downsizing Series! Next month we will coach you through Part 3 – Your Action Plan

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Revitalize your Home for the New Year! Part 2


Earlier this year, we encouraged you to focus on a new kind of resolution for 2018: revitalizing your home! We understand that taking this on might sound like a major project, so we decided to create a series of blogs to guide you through the process. In Part 1, you completed a quick evaluation of your space using our handy checklist. Then we asked you to select the top three lowest ranking areas and begin making quick fixes that would have a big impact.  You may have guessed that Part 2 would involve moving on to the next three areas by lowest ranking score. If you did, you are right!

Take a look at your checklist and select items 4-6 and begin making quick fixes that will have a big impact in those areas. If you find that your Walls, Floors, or Ceilings are lacking, you’ll find the following suggestions very helpful!

So without further ado, let’s talk Walls, Floors, & Ceilings. These areas create the foundation upon which everything else is placed. But before we do that, we must discuss Color Scheme and Flow!

Color Scheme & Flow

How do you feel about the colors in your space? Do you love them? Maybe just the one shade in the bathroom…ehh…not so much. Now that you really consider them, do they all feel like they were “safe” choices? If you need a fresh perspective, look at paint websites like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Have an open mind to colors that you may never have considered. Remember, you can always test them in small doses.

Looking at your space, consider the size and shape and how it connects to other rooms in your home. Do you want to make the room feel cozy or expansive? Think about what you will be doing in the room and how color can set that tone, whether it’s relaxing, stimulating or whimsical. How will the shades in one room transition to another?


Did you know that your walls and floors represent 60% of the color within a room? Here are a few tips for choosing color for your walls:

·      Typically, the color or colors used here will set the stage for a room and more often than not, are muted and softer tones, though not necessarily light or pale.  They will become the anchor colors and the size of the room will dictate the depth of the color.  

·      If you are using darker colors, you can lighten the look with an area rug, window treatment or art for the walls.

·      The natural light coming through windows will always play a role in your color selection and must be carefully considered.

·      As an alternative for your walls, consider wallcoverings. There are some gorgeous patterns and textures that add a dimension to the room’s ambience that you cannot achieve any other way.  And—it will last longer than paint.  Don’t be nervous—we’ve come a long way since your grandmother’s wallpaper! It will come off easily if applied correctly and the updated colors and patters can truly be what will add the “wow” to your room.


Take a good, hard look at the current condition of your floors and ask yourself these questions: 

·      If they are hardwood, are they in need of refinishing or simply a good buff and polish?  Or are they beyond repair and need to be replaced?

·      If there is carpet, have you been keeping up with annual cleaning?  If not, get them professionally cleaned or if it is close to 10 years or more in age maybe it’s time to replace it.  Carpet is a textile and as such, it was never designed to wear and last as hardwood. And, if there has been an active family in the home, 10 years or more is a good benchmark for replacement.


Typically, ceilings are white…but not always.  Here are a few other options to consider: 

·      If you have a tray ceiling or an unusually high ceiling, other colors are often used to accent or create warmth. You may even see some black ceilings where the room is so large that a more cozy effect is created by giving the illusion of a lower ceiling.

·      Take a look at restaurants or hotels for inspiration … you might be surprised at what you never noticed before.

·      And, then there is the use of wallcoverings on the ceiling—a great effect.  Can create an atmosphere of luxury and solitude or great drama.

In closing, we encourage you to think outrageously—at least THINK outrageously - and consider something you would normally have said no to before.  You don’t have to do it if you don’t like it—but I have found many times, given the opportunity, many people warm up to outrageous and realize that’s what’s been missing in their décor!

Stay tuned for Part 3 on Revitalizing Your Home and in the meantime, if you want to reach out to your local Decor&You decorator for a color consult or assistance with a specific project, we’d be happy to help!

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Help! I would love to refresh my home with color, but I don't even know where to begin!

When it comes to interior decorating, few decisions cause as much anxiousness and over-thinking as selecting paint colors or wallpaper.  And we understand, you are making a commitment to placing color or print on the largest surface in your home.  For many, the fear of not liking your choice results in taking the safe option or putting off the project altogether.  As interior decorators, we love color.  We like to make bold choices to enhance the mood in a space and create “WOW” focal points.  What we hope to do in this feature is provide you with some tips that will give you the confidence to bring some color into your home with paint or wallpaper.


First things first, how do you pick a color?

·         Consider the mood and atmosphere you want to create in the room.  Every color is known to evoke certain emotions. Greens and blues are relaxing and restful and both are perfect for bedrooms.  Orange promotes creativity and energy, which can be useful in a home gym, office or playroom. Yellow is warm and inviting making it a nice option for kitchens and living rooms.  To learn more about color and mood, we recommend reading A Glimpse Into the Meaning, Symbolism & Psychology of Color, by Kate Smith.

·         How is the lighting in the room? Before painting or wallpapering, you will want to make sure your lighting plan is functional. Does this room get a lot of natural light? If so, think about when that light is the strongest and which section of the room is most affected. Examine the sources of artificial light. Are there adequate overhead, task, and accent lighting? Do you have a good balance between natural and artificial light? Correct the deficiencies before you continue with your color refresh.

·         Consider the physical characteristics of the room. Is the room large or small? What shape is it? Is it open to other rooms or closed off?  Dark colors have the ability to bring a space together and conversely, lighter hues can create a sense of openness and add height.

·         Look around your home for inspiration.  Do you have a favorite chair, area rug or piece of artwork? Take note of the hues that stand out to you in these items. Another place to look for inspiration is in your closet. What colors jump out at you? These are shades that you are naturally drawn to.

Test it before you commit.

·         For paint: Paint a large section of your wall, at least 2’x2’, to get a sense of what the color will look like at different points in the day.  

·         For wallpaper: Buy one roll and pin or tape a large piece to the wall. Allow yourself a few days to live with the pattern and examine in both daylight and at night.

·         Try an online paint visualizer.  Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap® allows you to test out paint colors by uploading photos of your room!  Benjamin Moore has the Personal Color Viewer, a similar program where you can do the same thing with their paints.

Now, where should I put it?

·         Cover all the walls. This is an obvious choice with more subtle or neutral colors or patterns, but it can also work with bold ones as well.

·         One wall. To create an accent or focal point, cover only one wall.

·         The door. Want to create a pop of unexpected color, paint a door.

·         Shelves or built-ins. This is another unexpected spot to add a pop of color.

·         The ceiling. This may sound like a bold choice, but it doesn’t have to be. You can just as easily add a little bit of glamour as you can drama by adding wallpaper or paint to the ceiling.

Ready to get started?

Have your paint and wallpaper anxieties disappeared? We hope our tips have helped you to feel more prepared to make a color change in your home.  If you have a big project in mind or would like a color expert to make recommendations for your whole home or a few rooms, please reach out to us. Paint and wallpaper selection and installation is one of our most popular services and we would love to help bring some color into your life! 

find a local Decor&You Decorator.

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Which of these four 2018 Colors of Year is your favorite?

It seems fitting that experts make their selections for the annual color of the year in fall. Simply step outside your door and beautiful ambers, cinnamons, mangos, and mossy greens surround you; you can’t help but be inspired. Fashion and decorating enthusiasts anxiously await the announcement of the color of the year and this year, the selections don’t disappoint.  The winners for 2018 are all over the rainbow!  Often there are some similarities between at least two of the top picks, but not this time.

Today we are going to show you the color of the year selected by four different paint companies. Each group looks at slightly different influences to determine their color choice and provides some insight into why they made their choice.

AkzoNobel/Dulux Paint – Heart Wood

Heart Wood is the quietest shade of the bunch. AzkoNobel calls it a “grown-up pink” that echoes the look and feel of natural wood and leather.  If you aren’t familiar with AkzoNobel, they are a paint and coating company headquartered in Amsterdam.

The firm’s Global Aesthetic Center works with design and color experts around the world who look at technology, art, design, nature, architecture, and even fashion and music before selecting a color of the year.  This year they felt that people around the world are looking to escape the noise of everyday life when they are at home. Heart Wood brings that sense of calm, relaxation and solace.

PPG Pittsburg Paints – Black Flame

To select PPG’s color of the year, the global paint company has their top 20 color experts from all over the world meet together for 3 days to present and debate their selection. This year, they crowned Black Flame and claim it will be the “new neutral”.

Black Flame is black with a hint of deep indigo. This shade was selected to satisfy consumer’s need for privacy, optimism and a search for things classic yet modern.  This color fits the bill. It’s timeless like the little black dress; it looks great on everyone and provides a great canvas to highlight other colors and accessories. This idea translates perfectly into interior decorating.  


Benjamin Moore - Caliente

Caliente is the wild card of the bunch.  This bold, energetic red is a bold choice. Benjamin Moore takes months to examine research from industry shows, fashion, and architecture seen around the globe.  Red was seen prominently; in January’s Women’s March in Washington DC, in popular TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, and in Stockholm Royal College of Music’s concert hall.

Caliente has a slight brown undertone, so it’s not a simple primary red. It evokes a sense of change, strength, and confidence.  Use it to create a strong focal point or a lasting impression.


Sherwin Williams – Oceanside

Oceanside is a gorgeous deep teal, almost a jewel tone.  Reminiscent of the ocean and inspired by global travel, Sherwin Williams believes it will satisfy a homeowner’s search for adventure in a shade that is a balance of old and new.  

After examining influences from all over the world, their experts selected Oceanside for its versatility. It’s suitable for traditional spaces as well as modern and invites a sense of clarity and is known to boost creativity.  This is a color you can bathe your walls in or use more deliberately for pops of interest.

Which one is your favorite? 

As you can see, there is no shortage of options and there’s certainly a color for every mood. Are you inspired to bring some color into your life?  Can you picture it in one of your rooms?  Envision Heart Wood in your living room creating a cozy and warm space to relax or perhaps an Oceanside accent wall in your home office to keep your creative juices flowing.  If you’d like assistance navigating the color rainbow, we invite you to call us to schedule an expert color consultation. We would love to help! Call 203-405-2126 to find your local Decor&You or go to  

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Revitalize your Home for the New Year! Part 1


The start of a new year gives all of us of a clean slate. It’s an opportunity to start fresh and set a few resolutions to improve your quality of life. Most people set goals around eating well and committing to an exercise program or maybe even finding a new job. We’d like to encourage you to think about revitalizing something that surrounds you every day ­– your home! Updates to your home, whether big or small, will bring you joy and comfort you will enjoy every day.

You don’t have to do it alone. Decor&You is here to help with our new series of tips for Revitalizing Your Home.  In this first blog, we will get you started with evaluating your existing space.  Use our handy checklist  as a guide; score each of the major areas of your home’s decor.  Once you have finished, select the top three lowest ranking as your first areas to revitalize by making quick fixes that have a big impact.

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples:

Improve the Impression of Your Room

Sort through and select only your favorite items.  Toss, donate, or store others to be rotated out for seasonal display (but, make sure to schedule your rotation).

Wall Color

Can you clearly identify the dominant, secondary and accent color? If not, you may need to “rearrange your colors” so that they do the work intended to highlight your space. If your colors are just washed out or tired, revitalize them with a splash of color in your accessories such as art, pillows, throw, area rugs, an upholstered bench, or pouf.

Floor Planning & Accessibility

If your traffic flow is awkward or undefined, look at what is causing the problem.  Rearrange or substitute pieces of furnishings to achieve your desired effect.


If you lack a lighting plan, create one. Layering is a great way to plan for a variety of uses. Add light fixtures such as wall sconces, pendant lights or lamps. Add dimmer switches to create even more flexibility.  

If it’s style that is off and your lighting fixtures don’t create your intended look and feel for this room, make some updates to enhance your design aesthetic and the mood you want in the space.

Window Treatments

If they aren’t performing the appropriate function - diffusing light, offering privacy, framing your outdoor view or are just simply outdated or worn - update them!   Look on Houzz or Instagram for inspiration or ask a professional for an unbiased opinion on options.  A fresh perspective can shed a wealth of options and some of them don’t have to be intricate or costly.

Stay tuned for next month’s tip on Revitalizing Your Home and in the meantime, if you want to reach out to your local Decor&You decorator for a color consult or assistance with a specific project, we’d be happy to help!

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D&Y Series: Make Room for Joy by Downsizing, A Step-by-Step Guide.


Part 1: Focus, Plan & Evaluate

Have you found yourself at a point where you’d like to downsize your household? Many situations can become the catalyst, whether it’s becoming an empty nester or you’re just tired of having “stuff” that you don’t use anymore.  Or, maybe you have decided to downsize, but don’t know where to start.

At Décor&You, we are all about systems to simplify processes to make something real—especially those things that we do not do all the time.  Rather than make it a dragged out affair, we like to put our energies into focusing, getting to work, and getting it done so that we can go on and do other things that we choose to do that are more enjoyable!  Our Downsizing Series will do just that by breaking down the process into manageable pieces. Plus, we provide helpful worksheets to spur you into action.

Step 1: Focus.

We love Steven Covey’s # 2 habit from his book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, which isBegin with the end in mind”.  Having this visual of your end goal will keep you focused throughout the entire process.

Here’s where our first worksheet comes in handy. It walks you through defining your vision and asks you to consider your motivation and goals behind downsizing.  Don’t overthink your answers; let the visual of your streamlined household guide you. Close your eyes, allow those visions to sink in and the answers will come easily.

Step 2: Plan.

After completing the focus checklist, moving on to the planning phase will be easy.  In our planning step you will determine the specifics behind where you will be bringing your vision to life.  Ask yourself these questions and compile a list of your requirements based on your answers.

1.     Where do you want to relocate?  Some downsizers like to stay in their local area while others prefer to move to different location to be closer to family, friends, warmer weather, etc.

2.     What type of housing do you prefer? A small home? A condo?  A gated community? A retirement community for 55 and older?  

3.     What size home do you need? List how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms you need and be specific.

4.     Do you have any special requirements of your new community? Consider amenities you may want within walking distance such as a health care center, central eating options, activities and entertainment, pool, spa, fitness center.

5.     What is your budget for your new home? What investment are you prepared to make? Are you going to purchase or rent?

Now you are ready to begin your research. Contact a local real estate professional for assistance and when you are ready visit the top 3 – 5 on your list to narrow your options and ultimately select your new home!

Step 3: Evaluate.

Once you’ve selected your new home, you are ready to evaluate your existing furnishings and belongings. To start, realistically plan out room arrangements to scale for your new space.  What will fit that you already have and want to bring with you? The key here is have and want!  If what you have does not fit, then don’t bring it.  If it fits, but you no longer want it—don’t bring it.


The remainders are to be split into three piles: Donate, Retire, and Store.

1. Donate to family or other good sources.  There are so many people in need of furnishings and other household items.

2. Retire it. Throw it out if it no longer works, has missing pieces, or is badly worn.

3. Store it.  Be sure to only store treasures that have meaning to you or someone else in your family.  

Next, take a look at your room arrangement plan.  This is where our next worksheet comes into play.  What’s missing?  Create a list and this is what you use to shop with for your new home.

Starting with these first three steps is the most effective way to approach your downsizing adventure! Once you have this tackled, the rest is details and will move along nicely—but only IF you have done your work on the front end.  A word of caution:  if you do not invest the time in these first 3 steps, the rest can get complicated, messy, and produce a result you won’t be happy with.

Need a helping hand and objective opinion? Consider working with an professional who will ask the tough questions and provide unbiased guidance so that you truly end up with new space that you will love!

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The Secrets to Creating An Outdoor Living Room



There’s a new movement in outdoor living and it’s bringing the indoors outside. When we are inside we like to enjoy the view and the natural light from the outdoors.  But when we are outside, we want to bring the comfort and style from inside our homes to our outdoor spaces.  In recent years,we have worked with many Nation wide homeowners who are looking to create outdoor living rooms.  This is a far cry from a simple weather resistant dining set and umbrella.  Careful thought and planning goes into designing a great outdoor space and we have a few secrets to making it a success.

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This Year, Why Not Make a New Kind of Resolution?

Each New Year is a fresh start, a blank canvas that you can use to create something new and exiting.  Now we know there are all sorts of resolutions you can make, but we have a suggestion for 2017. Why not make your home the focus this year and take on a few decorating projects to create spaces you will love? We bet you will be amazed at how much happiness having a home that reflects your own style will bring you.  Make 2017 the year to love your home! Take a look at our list of decorating resolutions and pick a few to try.  

2017 Decorating Resolutions

1.    Create an accent wall.  Choose a room you spend a lot of time in, like your bedroom or living room.  Create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper.  Look to the other items in the room for color or pattern inspiration and select something that will provide a focal point.  If you need help, check out our tips for choosing paints colors.

2.    Incorporate color.  Step outside the neutral zone and bring a bold hue that you love into your décor.  Simple ways to do this include paint, accessories such as pillows and throws, hanging new artwork, or a vibrant new area rug. For tips on finding your color confidence, click here.

3.    Accessorize.  Bring personality into your space by accessorizing.  Start with a coffee table or bookshelf if you are just getting started.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, read our blog on artful accessorizing here.

4.    Spruce up your window treatments. Take a walk through your home and take note of the window treatments in each room.  Are they providing enough privacy, allowing enough light in or blocking it out as needed? Pick a room or two that could use some updating and follow these tips.

5.    Create a cozy outdoor space.  Your deck, porch or patio should be natural extensions of your home. Too often these spaces don’t get as much decorating attention as our indoor spaces.  For some great ideas, read our blog on Creating an Outdoor Living Room.

6.    Replace worn or outdated furnishings. Take a quick inventory of your older pieces and determine whether they are ready for replacement. If you have a piece that still has good bones, consider reupholstering it.

 If you feel your home is ready for a major decorating project or you’d like assistance completing one or more of your resolutions, please give us a call at 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You near you!





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Purple Reigns in 2017

It’s that time again when color experts are announcing their top color selections for the coming year. Earlier this Fall,we reported Sherwin William’s pick of Poised Taupe, a combination of earthy brown and conservative gray. Recently we learned that Benjamin Moore and PPG Pittsburgh Paints both chose shades of purple for their Color of the Year, Shadow and Violet Verbena respectively. The two are very different, though both firms noted their decision was based on their hue’s ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Benjamin Moore’s Shadow is a rich amethyst with the ability to reinforce shadow and light.  When used in decorating, this dramatic Renaissance purple can become the star of the room or work to stabilize other shades found within its surroundings.

 The selection committee, an assembly of designers from diverse backgrounds, found inspiration from art exhibits, fashion, architecture, and other cultural influences both domestic and abroad. This year, they were highly affected by what they saw happening in the arts around the globe.  

PPG’s Violet Verbena, a grayish purple has been called a chameleon for its ability to work well in different settings and design aesthetics.  A total of 26 color experts from six different countries debate the options for three days before making a decision. Representatives from diverse industries such as architecture, automotive and consumer electronics study everything from fashion blogs and movies to the latest technology.

Violet Verbena was selected by PPG’s group to bring a sense of calm and enable our collective desire to lead an uncluttered lifestyle and disconnect from our ever-present cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

So, 2017 could be the year of purple.  What do you think? Do you like one of these shades better than the other?

When choosing color for your home, we always recommend first considering the palettes you gravitate toward and the existing furnishings in your home.  Beyond that, you should also look and how existing and new colors will flow throughout your home.  Need help? You don’t have to tackle it alone. Simply contact us

203-405-2126  or  to find a local Decor&You and request to schedule a color consultation in your home.

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Insights from Karen…

Founder, Decor&You

Author, The Styleprint® Design System 

Dear Decor enthusiasts … 

Comfort comes from three things: construction, scale, and personal preference. This month you will find our expert tips on all three, plus how to make the right selection for not just your decorating scheme, but your lifestyle. As far as personal preference, well, that part is up to you - it’s like goldilocks and the three bears - you will know when it’s just right. But, let these other tips guide you as well so that you don’t overlook a key component or fall in love with an impractical piece of furniture

Our goal is to always provide value to you in some way so that you “Love the space you are in!” 

Let me know what you think!  Email me at:   



Adding Punch With Area Rugs

What’s a major finishing detail in a well-appointed room that often gets short shrift in the planning stages of decorating? Area rugs! Too frequently when we’re pulling together a room, what’s underfoot is seen as a merely practical addition or an afterthought to the overall plan, without much consideration going into either its design or function. But a well-chosen rug–one that complements and ties together the color palette and other elements at work in your room’s decorating plan–can serve a far larger purpose than it’s usually allotted. In fact, it can do as much as a well-chosen piece of art to tie it all together and to bring punch and cohesion to your plan.

 The right rug will serve several purposes:

  • It’s art for the floor Whether it’s a colorful antique Persian style rug, or     a more modern abstract-style composition, a rug chosen with this in mind     draws the eye and makes a powerful statement.
  • It creates a conversation area in a larger space. An area rug creates a visual boundary that visually     ties your furniture grouping together, almost like a room within a room.
  • About that water stain on your hardwood floor… A high-traffic area of your flooring may have lost     some of its finish, or a stain or other damage might need to be hidden. An     area rug solves the problem without potentially expensive refinishing.
  • Does your room feel a bit chilly? A tile floor, for instance, can be beautiful and     durable–but hard on the feet, and cold in the winter months. An area rug     warms it up visually and tactilely.    

Get out of the echo chamber.

A room without an area rug can  sound  like an echo chamber to those in it–and the constant patter of footsteps     on hard surfaces can be irritating to whoever is in the room below. There are a multitude of area rug constructions, patterns, styles, and durability levels to choose from. Some come in standard sizes, and others can be customized. The following factors will contribute to the investment level and longevity of the rug. Consider them when determining your criteria.   Is it in a busy spot in your room’s traffic pattern? Will it get a lot of outdoor/indoor traffic, or is it     in a room less often passed through? More delicate fibers and lighter colors     may soil or show wear if they see a lot of traffic. Make sure you go with     a fiber that withstands dirt and stains. Is there direct sunlight? If so, go with a rug fiber that resists fading. Are there kids?     Plan ahead for spills by choosing an area rug that allows for quick and     easy cleanup. Are there pets?     Even the best-behaved pet may have an accident. Choose a rug that’s     stain-resistant. Other considerations?     If you’re designing a room for elderly or disabled inhabitants, area rugs     can present a dangerous tripping hazard, or can hamper the use of walkers     and wheelchairs. Don’t let your area rug be an afterthought. Plan ahead – for size, construction, and color – to get the most out of this very important design element. 


Call to find a Decor&You near you…203-405-2126


Magazine Article: How to Chose the Right Sofa For Your Room and Lifestyle

What’s the most functional piece of furniture in your living room? In most homes, it’s the sofa. A great sofa provides comfortable and intimate seating - or a place to sprawl and read a book.

Click the  below link to download the full PDF article

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